What we do

Our Mission

We activate ecosystems and build capabilities that enable new generations to lead the construction of a peace culture in Colombia.


Educational networks and ecosystems

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Young people leading social transformation

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Youths at risk

-Community transformation- See more...

Children and young people at risk

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We have a systemic approach on multiple levels

This is how we measure success


Our Measurement and Learning System allows us to keep track of results, accomplishments, measure each project’s transformational impact and incorporate the lessons in order to do a better job every day.


We follow the progress towards our goals closely by using measurement tools and assess participants’ significant changes in focus groups in every territory.



Secret Music Sessions

When music, friends and a shared cause come together.

Pro-bono concert for Fundación Mi Sangre

Art Guitar

Guitars turned into works of art.

Artwork sales profits destined to Fundación Mi Sangre.