Psychosocial support

Value Proposal

We provide psychosocial support to children, teenagers, youths and relevant adults.  This contributes to the healing of wounds of the soul, creates safe environments and strengthens social fabric in violent contexts.

How do we do it?

Weaving Life Methodology

Through art, recreational activities, and psychotherapy this methodology builds social fabric that seeks to create wellbeing and conscientiousness in individual, family, group, and community contexts.



“Training Leaders of Wellbeing” Process – Psychosocial First Aid – PFA”

This process aims to train communities in generating significant wellbeing actions to enable them to handle the repercussions of violence. This is achieved through role-play, creative group concoctions, and conversations, while keeping in mind previous knowledge and local customs.

Peace building projects

Acompañamiento psicosocial Ruling T-045 of the Colombian Supreme Court of Justice