Education for peace

Value Proposal

We contribute to making children, teenagers and youths live as peace-building citizens through art and ludic-based training, along with the participation of families, the community and the educational sector.

How do we do it?

- PAZalobien Methodology

Through this methodology the Foundation seeks to encourage children, teenagers and youths to develop creativity, participation, and perspective regarding their rights. This enables them to recognize themselves as individuals with rights and peace-building skills, and as citizens in training.

Pazalobien also works with relevant adults in creating democratic and safe environments to prevent the violation of the rights of children, teenagers and youths.


Leaders of Change Methodology

With Leaders of Change, the Foundation supports participants to go through a personal transformation that motivates them to become social entrepeneurs who are able to co-create and provide solutions to problems in communities.
Leaders of Change was inspired on Ashoka’s “Avancemos” methodology and its on-site experience with various leaders and youth groups.

We are Treasure