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  • “I state that I have been informed about MI SANGRE FOUNDATION’s policy and purpose for handling of personal data in the following link [link that goes to guidelines and policies on handling and protecting of personal data]. According to the policy I voluntarily, explicitly, previously, and in an informed manner agree and authorize MI SANGRE FOUNDATION to store, handle, and gather my information and hold it in the Foundation’s data base   in accordance with Law 1581 of 2012 “Law for the Protection of Data” in order to join the Mi Sangre community as a member and keep me updated about ongoing activities.
In compliance with Law 1581 of 2012 “Whereby general provisions are issued for handling the protection of personal data” MI SANGRE FOUNDATION,  as responsible for handling personal data, informs of its handling policies and guidelines according to the following:   RESPONSIBLE: MI SANGRE FOUNDATION NIT. 900.790.084-3 Legal Representative: CATALINA COCK DUQUE - c.c. 52.415.006 Address: Carrera 34 No. 7-84 City: Medellin – Antioquia. Telephone number: 4-3123920 E-mail: PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA HANDLING POLICIES: The data provided to MI SANGRE FOUNDATION shall be handled and processed (gathered, stored, used, disclosed, or suppressed) for the specific purpose for which it was provided and for the compliance of prescribed requirements in Law 1581 from 2012. CHILDREN, TEENAGERS AND YOUTHS’ PERSONAL DATA: MI SANGRE FOUNDATION’s intention is to handle children and teenagers’ personal data for statistical purposes. However, the supply of children, teenagers, and youths’ personal data is for facultative purposes, both for them and for those who act on their behalf. MI SANGRE FOUNDATION will ensure the proper use of the children's and teenagers' personal data. The data will be handled with respect by having their best interests and the respect for their fundamental rights, interests, opinions and comprehensive development at heart, always complying with the requirements of Law 1581 for the handling of personal data. PERSONAL DATA OWNERS’ RIGHTS: Personal data owners have the right to access, perceive, update, and correct said data. They have the right to be informed about its use and provide their authorization; submitting queries and claims; revoke their authorization or request data removal through, or at the central venue carrera 34 No. 7-84 Medellin or calling (4) 3123920.
“In compliance with Law 1581 of 2012 “Whereby general provisions are issued for handling the protection of personal data” and Decree 1377 from 2013 MI SANGRE FOUNDATION  with NIT 900.790.084-3 as responsible party for personal data handling, informs of its protection of personal data handling policies through the following website: [its protection of personal data handling policies link]  starting on __________ __________ 2013. The personal data provided to MI SANGRE FOUNDATION will be processed for the purpose for which it was gathered, which is to maintain an effective and enriching contact with you by keeping you updated on our programs, how they are implemented, the goals we achieve, our projections as a Foundation, and the management goals we have reached such as those with social, contractual, commercial, statistic and/or marketing  purposes. According to the provisions contained in the mentioned laws we inform you of the rights that belong to you as information owner: percieve, update, correct, and request removal of personal data; request proof of a granted authorization; be informed about personal data use; submit complaints regarding personal data guideline infringement; revoke granted authorisation and check previously authorised personal data for free. In order to exercise those rights you may contact, or the institution’s central venue at carrera 34 No. 7-84 Medellin, or by calling  (4) 3123920. It’s very important for MI SANGRE FOUNDATION to count on you as a member of the peace-builders community. Thank you for wanting to take a chance for change in Colombia.