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Value Proposal

Through the use of art and games Mi Sangre Foundation co-creates safe environments where children, teenagers and youths can  discover and deploy their power as peace builders.


  • Peace-builders: We are aware that it is of paramount importance to build a culture of peace where respect towards people and the differences among them prevail. We understand that the singularity of human beings, their different ways of being, and the manner in which we relate to each other constitute the essence of society, creating bonds accomplished through love and wellbeing. By believing in the potential of children and youths as agents of change to make a better world, the victim or passive subject concept is transcended.
  • Authentic At Mi Sangre Foundation we have a genuine desire to help. We are glad to help others. We stay true to our principles. We are consistent with what we feel, think and do.
  • Transparency Our actions are displayed for society to scrutinize. Our purpose is clear and candid. We are defined by actively informing our collaborators about the Foundation’s management and its projects, so they may be reviewed and analyzed. We acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them.
  • Resourceful At Mi Sangre we have the means to overcome and provide multiple alternatives to problems through the use of creativity and resourcefulness. This enriches our decision-making and gives us a wide range of perspectives that helps us optimize our resources and enables us to accomplish our goals and activities.
  • Legitimizers our homeland At Mi Sangre Foundation we have the need to be in tune with our homeland and create a responsible bond with it in a simple manner. We are in favor of caring and preserving the planet and in this fashion we are in harmony with nature and the planet’s vibrations. Our society’s culture and heritage comprise a feeling that is cherished and close to our heart at Mi Sangre Foundation. We instill traditional values in an ever-changing society.
  • Developers of high impact programs We distinguish ourselves through our excellent development of programs that contribute to the Foundation’s mission. These programs assist communities’ specific needs and are carried out alongside highly qualified allies who monitor the compliance of the assigned guidelines. We implement innovative methodologies.
  • Mobilizers The enthusiasm that goes hand in hand with our actions radiates and is contagious to all who come in contact with the Foundation. We weave diverse webs that enable us to fulfill the Foundation’s mission.
  • Understand the potential of artistic expression We understand that the diverse forms of art have the faculty of becoming an indispensable remedy to begin the process of recognizing, loving, healing, and forgiving ourselves. Art has the virtue of affecting and touching people in ways that speeches, laws, and good intentions do not. Art educates our senses; it allows us to see reality, it teaches us hidden meanings. In this manner, we prioritize methodologies in which art and culture are essential tools to the process of change.