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Mi Sangre Strategy

The Balance Scorecard (BSC) is a strategic performance management tool conceived by David Norton and Robert Kaplan in the early 90’s for private companies. It was was improved in 2001 for application in the management of social organizations. This planning framework builds on the strategic capitals that exist or may be developed within an organization.  It enables the accomplishment of outcomes in the external environment (impacting its stakeholders and society) and financial results that lead to mission achievement, while conducting it towards the accomplishment of its vision.

Social Impact:

  • We provide significant psychosocial support for children, teenagers and youths helping them heal wounds of the soul, creating safe environments and strengthening the social fabric in violent contexts.
  • We help children, teenagers and youths to become peace-building citizens through implementing arts and recreation based education, and enabling the participation of families, the community, and the educational sector.
  • We advocate group work in the interest of consolidating a peace-building community.

Financial Sector

  • We generate profitable social returns through efficient management.
  • We consolidate financial sustainability.

Internal processes

  • Our programs, projects, methodologies, and causes are managed efficiently.

Strategic assets

  • We provide knowledge management (methodologies and programs)
  • We manage and upkeep the brand’s assets.
  • We maintain and increase legitimacy and credibility.
  • We count on the Foundation’s highly qualified human talent.