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Catalina Cock Duque

Catalina is a social entrepreneur from Colombia. She has a restless spirit, and great social and environmental awareness. She has a 20-year record in issues related to sustainable development, and to social venturing and innovation. As of 2009, she has led Fundación Mi Sangre (My Blood Foundation), an organization created in 2006 by Juanes, the musician and composer, so that the children and young people who have been affected by violence in Colombia may become agents of change, and contribute to the building of a culture of peace. She also dedicates some of her time to Ecoflora Agro, a leading company pioneer in the development of vegetable extracts for the sustainable protection of crops.

Her commitment for more justice in Colombia led her to co-creating Amigos del Chocó (Friends of Chocó), from where she has promoted the sustainable use of natural resources from such eco-region, and to running the Oro Verde (Green Gold) initiative, the first environmental and social certification system for artisanal gold mining in the world.  In order to both replicate and escalate such initiative, she led the creation of the Alianza para la Minería Responsable (Alliance for Responsible Mining), which has taken such program to other countries with similar problems.

She majored in Sociology and Political Science at the University of Maryland, in the U.S., and took a Master’s Degree in Social Policy and Development at the London School of Economics, in England. She was elected as an “Ashoka Fellow”, in 2003, after her performance, became a “Rising Talent” of the Women’s Forum in 2007, as well as a “Young Global Leader” of the World Economic Forum in the same year, was elected as a “Synergos Fellow” in 2010, and was the only Colombian leader invited to the first Obama Summit in  2017.