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Advisory Council


gonzaloRestrepoGonzalo Restrepo López

As a result of his background and 23 years of experience as Chairman at Exito Group’s Board of Directors, Casino Foundation, and Exito Foundation, as well as business and commercial consultant for recognized national and international institutions, Mr. Restrepo provides strategic guidance that enables Mi Sangre to grow in an organized and far-sighted manner.    

Educational experience and knowledge

luisArangoJuan Luis Mejía Arango

His training and cultural journey as a university professor at national and international institutions, writer of the General Culture Law of Colombia (Law 397 of 1997), long career as Chancellor at University of EAFIT, and his participation in over ten Boards of Directors, enable him to advise Mi Sangre on the strategic design of educational methodology to implement in their projects.    

Culture and Social Responsibility

paulaRestrepoPaula Restrepo Duque

For over 20 years she has worked in the fields of corporate social responsibility and culture in the private and public sectors. Her involvement in the MAMM (Museum of Modern Art of Medellin), EPM (Public Services Medellin), Postobón, and her participation as member of the Board of Directors for over five renowned foundations, equip her with a perspective which nurtures art as an essential part of the fundamental transformative process at Mi Sangre.    

Art and Juvenile Dynamism

jeihhcoJeison Cataño Hernández, “Jeihhco”

For over 11 years this distinguished Hip-Hop artist and cultural ambassador from Medellin’s Comuna 13 has participated in the creation and implementation of social projects that focus on Hip-Hop culture, reflecting upon memory and peaceful coexistence. His commitment to Mi Sangre supports a social path that strengthens young leaders of change through art.    

Dissemination and Communication

nataliaOrozcoNatalia Orozco

Journalist, winner of the Simon Bolivar National Prize for Journalism for two consecutive years (2010 and 2011), Natalia has ten years of experience as international correspondent interviewing important world leaders and personas. Her contribution to Mi Sangre is to visualize the Foundation as a leading social institution of international level.    

Planning and Innovation

davidArangoDavid Escobar Arango

Creator of the concept “Ciudades Inteligentes - UNE” (Intelligent Cities) and current project manager for “Parques Educativos de Antioquia” (Antioquia’s Educational Parks), he has held several public offices in the municipality’s administration. His participation in the Foundation enhances innovation and focuses on strengthening public-private alliances.    

Image and Projection

jaimeVillaJaime Villa Vásquez

Marketing, advertising, and sales expert, Mr. Villa has held high office charges at Conavi, Nutresa, and Cadena S.A. for the past ten years. He is currently BX Group manager, owners of Basica and Xperience agencies. The support he has given Mi Sangre focuses on advising the Foundation on its strategy and on development of new business ventures.      

Framework and Social Impact

amaliaArangoAmalia Arango de Arbeláez

Her professional experience in commercial and family law, in addition to her 18 years of experience as executive director at Actuar Famiempresas - currently called Interactuar - and her participation in five Boards of Directors at cultural and service companies enable her to offer integral advise for the development of Mi Sangre.      

Digital Trend

mariaMontoyaMaría Montoya Rendón

This political scientist and virtual journalist´s youth and tenacity are displayed through El Cassette blog where she works on interviews and profiles of the country´s trending personalities. She contributes her creative and mobilizing dynamic to the Foundation through digital strategy.