About Antipersonnel Landmines

What does the Foundation currently do regarding the issue of Antipersonnel Landmines?

Initially, the Foundation dedicated its efforts to the management of projects that addressed the issue of antipersonnel landmines. However, Mi Sangre expanded its focus to social issues that needed addressing and to participants involved in them. This is how its two main programs - Psychosocial Support and Education for Peace – originated, by convening children, teenagers, youths and specific communities.

About Project Funding and Financing by the Foundation

How can the foundation help me if I have an individual need or want it to finance a project?

Mi Sangre does not finance projects. The foundation manages resources to conduct its own projects in partnerships and co-creation.

I’m an artist and want to promote my work, how can the Foundation promote me?

The Foundation does not promote artists. Mi Sangre works for children, teenagers and youths who are victims and vulnerable to violence in Colombia.

About Project Funding and Financing (for the Foundation)

What can I do if I am an organization and want to finance one of the Foundation’s projects.

You can contact Unidad Técnica (our technical unit) through the Foundation’s main landline: 312 39 20 ext – 103. They are in charge of developing and managing projects.

About volunteering

How to be a volunteer?

If you wish to be part of our community, you must be 18 and older. You must have specific technical skills in specific fields, experience and interpersonal networks. You must also want to make a useful voluntary, counseling, or logistic contribution. To find out more about the process join us

About possible job openings

I would like to share my personal information for possible intern or professional vacancies, what should I do?

Send your information to misangre@fundacionmisangre.org along with your profile description.

About Mi Sangre Shop

I want to buy an item from Mi Sangre shop, what should I do?

Log on to Mi Sangre´s online shop. Choose the product you like and purchase it online with Paypal.

I’m a company and want a partnership with Mi Sangre shop in order to promote my products. What should I do?

You can contact Unidad Comercial (our commercial unit) through the Foundation’s main landline: 312 39 20 ext – 108. They are in charge of administrating Mi Sangre´s shop.

About Juanes

I want to send Juanes a message, what should I do?

The Foundation has no involvement with its founder’s political or artistic matters, therefore you may write to him on his website www.juanes.net or to his community manager: chris@juanes.net

About Paz Sin Fronteras (Peace Without Borders)

What is Paz Sin Fronteras ?

It is a peace movement inspired by the humanitarian feelings and calling of its top leaders - Juanes and Miguel Bose - who through art and the support of great music industry figures promote the building of world PEACE. In turn, Paz Sin Fronteras (Peace Without Borders) leads on the initiative La Paz Lleva tu Firma (peace has your signature). La Paz Lleva tu Firma’s aim is to obtain as many signatures as possible to be submitted to the UN General Assembly in order to help Peace be recognized as a universal human right.